Weems & Plath sets

At shipclockshop.com we have selected clocks that match each other, so that you have the series complete in one storage.

Weems & Plath is a renowned company specialising in the manufacture of nautical instruments, especially marine clocks. Based in the United States, the company has almost 100 years of knowledge in clock making. Founded by Captain Weems, a pioneer in navigational instruments. Weems & Plath marine clocks and barometers are known for their high quality and accuracy. The company produces a wide range of collections made in Canada, the United States and Germany. Nice to know: in 1953, Weems received the Magellanic Premium, an award for contributions to navigation, astronomy or natural philosophy. We are happy to give advice so that you make the right choice from the wide range of the Weems & Plath collection.

These combinations are an asset on the boat or in your interior.

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