VION is a company that has been manufacturing navigation equipment, especially compasses and marine instruments, since 1830. The brand has a rich history and has always been present in the world of navigation. VION's powerful instruments have played a prominent role on the oceans, especially on large cargo ships in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

VION represents an adventure that has continued through the centuries. For example, they were carried on modern long-distance flights such as Paris-Saigon and were used when crossing the Atlantic in 1930. Since 1945, VION instruments have also been integrated into many military programmes. The brand thus has a proven track record and has become a symbol of reliable navigation instruments. 

VION's success and long-standing reputation are the result of its respect for fundamental values shared by its team: reliability and innovation. The brand has always strived to provide reliable instruments that meet the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

With a focus on innovation, VION has constantly adapted to the changing needs of the navigation industry. They have continuously integrated new technologies and features into their instruments to meet the demands of modern navigation systems.

With their long history, reliability and continuous innovation, VION remains a key player also within the watersports industry. Whether for professional sailors, adventurous explorers or military applications, VION has earned its place as a trusted companion in the world of navigation. And therefore also a place in our webshop.

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